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Differentiate your user experience

Contextual & Cohesive Experiences

Every prospect that reaches your site ought to get a personalized and cohesive conversation. We build hyper-contextual Bots that drive meaningful conversations, build trust and convert. Our winning formula? Context + personalization = trust. Ruminate on that one!

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Bot Experts

Exclusively chatbots

Unlike your traditional soup-to-nuts Marketing Agency, our special sauce is creating epic chatbot experiences. Translation? We’ve curated a unique set of skills that are recipe for building best-in-the-world Bots - from Brand, Sales, UX and Development from companies such as lululemon and ZocDoc - all to bring you Ultra Cool.

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Certified Drift partners

The #1 platform and partner

We've partnered with the leading AI chatbot platform, Drift, and...drum roll, they recently named us Partner of the Year! If you already have Drift, we'll help you build. If you don't, we'll help you get set-up. And if you're using another platform, we'll help craft you an epic chatbot you can build yourself.

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Ungate your content

Conversational Content

Conversational content allows you to ungate your content.  
The old model: Gate your content, collect an email and hopefully book a meeting. 
The new model:  Give prospects access to your content when they want it, engaging at their highest moment of intent.
See how it works here

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Optimized Notifications

Only receive notifications as needed.
Our bots handle 90% of general questions,
routing to you when the prospect is ready.

Custom Keywords

Using natural language ai, we build comprehensive chatbots tailored to your customer's questions & needs.
Translation? The gift of time!

Measurable Results

Track and measure your Bot's results in real time via Drift.
See engagement and conversion grow,
one conversation at a time.


Avg Decreased Bounce Rate


Increased Dwell Time On Site


Average Increased Conversion Rate


Average Engagement Rate

About Us

We are drift certified expert conversationalists and builders, helping companies drive meaningful conversations that engage and convert.
Why did we build Ultra Cool?
We believe chat bots are the future of not only marketing but the user experience.
After experiencing one too many generic chat bots, we decided it was time someone gave them the attention they deserve.
From marketing to sales to customer service Bots,
we have you covered from soup to Bots!
But don't take our word for it - experience our Bots for yourself!
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"I manage ~90 agencies and Ultra Cool has separated themselves from the pack with advancements not seen with our other partners. I recommend Eliav and Ultra Cool to most of our current clients as I know they'll do a fantastic job"

Seamus McGrath

Partner Sales Manager, Drift

"Working with Ultracool allowed us to double our meetings booked in just five months"

David Alonso

CEO, Tracker RMS

"Ultracool drove our bot engagement & email capture rates up more than 3X and reduced our time spent on qualifying prospects by 80%"

Thien-Di Do

Brand & Experience, health:latch

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