BBC Launches Chatbot To Help Solve One Of The World’s Most Pressing Issues

By: Lindsay Angelo
April 16, 2019
BBC launches a chatbot to aide in educating and creating awareness surrounding climate change - a prevalent example of chatbots creeping across the chasm towards mainstream adoption. Seeing a major player such as BBC continue to adopt the technology to assist in solving a major issue involving multiple stakeholders marks a positive indicator for the technology and one that doesn’t go unnoticed.

An Engaging and Self-directed
User Experience For The Win

Powerful education and a self-directed user experience are crucial to any chatbot user experience. BBC’s chatbot does both of these well, allowing users to choose their own adventure – whether it’s learning about rising temperatures or new ways to tackle global warming. BBC hit the nail on the head, providing users with what they’re looking for - nothing more, nothing less.  

Peep the full story here

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